About Video games price

I have been collecting video games since the 90’s. Back then, there were very few collectors. What mattered at the time was playing games by buying, trading, and reselling them. In the early 2000’s, there were more collectors, but prices remained unchanged for years. If anything, they were dropping. For each system, collectors knew the price of the few “rare” games that were highly sought after.

Then everything changed in the 2010s through smartphones, videos, and social networks. A lot of YouTube channels attracted people in their thirties to retro gaming, people with money to spend, who would discover a “rare” game through a video, and then look for it on eBay. Obviously, prices level raised like hell, sometimes in an absurd way.

videogames-price.com aims at helping collectors and gamers spend the proper amount of money for the games they are looking for. There is no reason to spend $300 on a game that sold for 200 bucks on average these last months and for which there are many copies.

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